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Medication Questionnaires

CASIC Builder™ includes standard question styles for building medication-specific questionnaires, such as regimen understanding or medication adherence.

  • Regimen style questions display the patient regimen with the question.
  • Single medication style questions display one medication from the patient's regimen along with the question. A separate response for each medication is recorded.
  • Create medication questionnaires with or without medication images.
  • The medication database can be edited, and integrated with other systems.

Individual patient regimens may be stored within the system. CASIC Builder questionnaires automatically accommodate any number of medications in patients' regimens.

Medication Questions: Regimen styles

Regimen selection "Click your pills" regimen selection, and specialized dosing selection questions provide questionnaires with a graphical "mediset builder" interface.
Regimen confirmation When there are discrepancies between self-report and the patient regimen in the database, these question styles display discrepancies and ask the patient for confirmation.
Additional Regimen styles These question styles are intended for questions about the entire regimen. Styles include multiple choice (select one, or select many), and VAS scale.

CASIC Builder offers medication questionnaires specialized "Medication loop" instructions so the same question (or series) can be posed for each patient medication. No programming is required to handle patients with different numbers of medications in their regimen.

Medication Questions: Single Medication Styles

Multiple choice Both single-selection and select-many styles are available.
VAS Scale Five different VAS image styles are included with the software.
Numeric and text entry As with all the individual medication question styles, the medication is displayed with the question.

Provider reports

CASIC Builder™ can link to reports, such as this HIV Medication Adherence Report for the provider (opens a new browser window).

Example regimen display in a "mediset"

Is this how you are supposed to take your medications?
  Morning Afternoon Evening
image of 3TC
Lamivudine 150mg
small image of 3TC   small image of 3TC
image of AZT
Zidovudine 300mg
image of Efavirenz
Sustiva 600mg
small image of Efavirenz    


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