CASIC Builder™

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The End User License Agreement ("EULA") includes the following:
  • The system administration web site software permits questionnaire and study design, management of study subjects, study status reporting, data export, user permission control. There is no limit on the number of concurrent system users, administrators, questionnaires, studies, study subjects, or questionnaire languages stored in the database. One SQL database per EULA.
  • The assessment delivery web site software permits computer-assisted self-interviews (CASI), computer assisted personal interviews (CAPI), audio computer assisted self-interviews (A-CASI), and video computer assisted self-interviews (V-CASI), and computer assisted survey collections (CASIC) applications. There is no limit on the number of concurrent study subjects or studies that may use the assessment delivery software.

See below to determine if extensions are needed for your application.

Price: $795

Adherence extension

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The Adherence extension provides these additional capabilities to CASIC Builder™:
  • ARV medication database, including medication images.
  • Subjects' medication regimens, used to determine discrepancies from self-report.
  • Subjects' lab test results.
  • HIV/Adhere™ adherence CASI.
  • Provider report of adherence.
HIV/Adhere™ includes:
  • Subjects' understanding of their regimen.
  • 3-day self-reported adherence, dose by dose.
  • 7-day and 30-day self reported adherence using a VAS scale.
  • Subject's self reported reasons for missing doses.
HIV/Adhere™ may be modified as needed.

Price: $995, requires CASIC Builder™ EULA.

CASIC Host™ extension

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CASIC Builder Remote™


The CASIC Host™ extension allows a CASIC Builder installation to exchange and synchronize study definitions and data with one or more remote data collection computers running CASIC Builder Remote™ software.

The CASIC Builder Remote™ software permits standalone computers to run assessments. It may be installed on a laptop computer. The same installation requirements as CASIC Builder™ apply.

A study that requires data collection at a location that cannot access the CASIC Builder server would require the CASIC Host and CASIC Remote extensions.

Permission for remote systems to access a study's data is controlled through the CASIC Builder™ administration system.

CASIC Host™ is implemented as a web service.


CASIC Host™: $195, requires CASIC Builder™ EULA.
CASIC Builder Remote™: $395 per remote computer. Requires one copy of CASIC Host™.

Stored Procedures extension

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The Stored Procedures extension allows a CASIC Builder™ installation to execute Microsoft SQL Server® stored procedure programs during the delivery of an assessment.

This permits real-time integration of CASIC Builder™ with other data systems such as electronic patient records, or customized applications.

An ability to program SQL stored procedures is required.

Price: $495, requires CASIC Builder™ EULA.

Additional Services

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If you would like to out-source your questionnaire development, we are ready to serve you. We provide the ability for you to review your questionnaires on-line, prior to delivery. Software delivery includes your questionnaires, ready to use.

If you would like CASIC Builder™ training, or just the assurance that you can pick up the phone and get your question answered, we can meet your needs. We tailor support and services to individual requirements.

All questionnaires can use CASIC Builder's editing capabilities, so they can be copied and/or modified if needed.

Price: Please contact us to discuss your requirements and a quotation.