Welcome to the CASIC Builder™ tour. In a few short pages, we will introduce the capabilities of our software, and some considerations in its use.

Glossary of Interview Terms

CASIC Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection
CAPI Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing
CATI Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CASI Computer Assisted Self-Interview


  • Web browser interface (1024 x 768 or above display recommended).
  • Rapidly build computer questionnaires.
  • Response values may be coded as required.
  • Built-in validations.
  • Complex skip patterns created with select and click.
  • Add sound and/or video to questionnaires.
  • Spanish and Portuguese graphics included (other languages available).
  • Easy to integrate with statistical software.
  • Uses standard Microsoft components (web server, SQL database).

Glossary of CASIC Builder Terms

Study Record In the system's hierarchy, a study record is at the top. Assessments, study subjects, lab test values, and response data are all associated with specific study records. CASIC Builder users are granted permission to access specific studies. When used with CASIC Remote™, Remote systems are provided with study subscriptions.
Instrument We use the terms questionnaire and instrument interchangeably.
Assessment An assessment is composed from one or more questionnaires. A study design consists of one or more assessments. Crossover studies are supported - each arm of a study may have different assessments.