Building Questionnaires

CASIC Builder™ provides a web-based menu-and-prompt system for creating and editing questionnaires (instruments). As you add questions, the software creates database tables and columns for responses.

Creating a question merely requires filling out a web form. There are forms for each of the question styles. Pick from a list to choose a question style.

Question Styles (partial list)

Multiple choice Select one or select many. There is also a "select many follow-up" style to select one from the group that was initially selected in a "select many" style question.
Date, calendar, month/year The date style allows selection of a single date. Calendar styles may be used with structured recall, and allow for entry of data for each day in a date range.
Number, text Numeric questions can provide range validation. Text responses can be set to use single-line or multiple-line entry boxes.
VAS (Visual Analog Scale) Several styles of VAS scale are available. Some recent research suggests that some patient populations may provide more accurate responses with color scales than numbered scales.

Numbered VAS Scale

VAS Scale image

Color VAS Scale

VAS Scale - color - image

Many questionnaires repeat the same set of multiple choices (All of the time, some of the time, etc.). Once a multiple-choice question has been entered, additional multiple-choice questions can duplicate its response text and coding with a single mouse click.

Existing questionnaires that are available in electronic form can be easily copy/pasted into CASIC Builder. Once a questionnaire is in the system, it is easy to alter - edit existing text, add additional languages, re-order questions or add new ones, etc.

The next page describes question styles specific to medication questionnaires.