Installation requirements

There are several installation options. A typical example is given here: CASIC Builder™ is installed on a server computer. Several browser computers access the server.

Web/Database Server

  • Microsoft Windows® server computer running Microsoft's Internet Information Server® (IIS) version 6.0 or above. IIS is Microsoft's web server.
  • The server computer must have the Microsoft ".NET"® 2.0 Run-time Framework (available as a download from Microsoft).
  • CASIC Builder™ may be deployed with either Microsoft's SQL Server® 2008 or above database, or Microsoft's downloadable SQL Express®. SQL Express is available as a free download. Its restriction is that the database cannot exceed 4 gigabytes of storage. This is suitable for even a large study.
  • CASIC Builder can take advantage of SQL Server's data encryption abilities to secure all personally identifying information.
  • The database server may be a different computer than the web server.
  • Recommended minimum system memory size: 4 GB. Servers that will be used by multiple workstations will benefit from additional memory.

CASIC computers

  • CASIC Builder questionnaires may be run on most desktop, laptop or table computers with an Internet or Intranet connection to the server.  All that these computers require is a standard browser such as Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome®, or Safari®. The recommended minimum display size is 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • For audio playback, the computer browser you are using should have a plug-in compatible with your audio file format. Typically, Windows Media Player®, or Apple QuickTime® are used for the browser plug-in. A sound card and speakers/headphones are required. A microphone and sound card are required to record sound tracks. You can use the sound recording capabilities that come with your computer, or 3rd party sound recording software to create your sound track.
  • For video playback, either Apple QuickTime® or Microsoft's Windows Media Player® is required.
  • For touch screen operation, a touch screen device and video are required.

Stand-alone computers

CASIC Builder™ can be installed on stand-alone Windows computers, including laptops or tablets running Microsoft Windows 7® or Windows 8®.

CASIC Remote™

CASIC Remote™ can be installed on desktop, laptop, or tablet computers running Windows 7® or Windows 8®.

CASIC Remote™ computers are stand-alone data collection computers that are used in conjunction with with a CASIC Builder server installation. Questionnaires are developed on the server and downloaded to one or more computers running CASIC Remote. Data collection can be performed in the field without a connection to the server. When the data collection computer can connect to the server, collected data is uploaded.

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