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CASIC Builder™

CASIC: Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection

Questionnaire software developed for patient audio-computer assisted self-interviews (A-CASI), patient self-report, behavioral research, surveys, social work informatics, and clinical use.

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CASIC Builder™ evolved from our study done under NIH project SBIR #2R44AI44558-02A1. From our original adherence assessment for HIV+ patients, in subsequent studies we expanded CASIC Builder™ to include assessments for depression, alcohol and substance abuse, and sexual risk behavior. Today it is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for the development of questionnaires, management of studies, and clinical use.

The software's ability to ask questions about a patient's medication regimen led to its use in adherence studies for heart medications and opioid pain medications. Its flexibility led to its adoption in a Brazilian study that required sign language video for a deaf patient population. CASIC Builder™ is available with or without its medication-specific components.

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From inception more than ten years ago, our goal was a browser-based platform suitable for use with challenging studies and patient populations, combined with an easy-to-use interface.

The use of wireless Internet and laptop computers instantly make CASIC Builder™ capable of mobile data collection. For those circumstances where the Internet is unavailable or unreliable, we offer CASIC Remote™, software for a stand-alone, data collection laptop computer. A subscribers/subscription metaphor directs data to appropriate CASIC Remote™ workstations.

Creating new questionnaires, with complex coding and skip patterns, is as easy as filling in web-based forms. Spreadsheet-like calculation capabilities can be embedded in questionnaires. The system tracks assessments and provides status reporting. Response data is easily used by statistical software systems. Questionnaires can be integrated with other electronic patient systems.

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Our site contains illustrative examples of CASIC Builder™. If you will be conducting a study, or are associated with a health care organization, we can arrange a private web site for you to further evaluate CASIC Builder™.

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Creating an instrument - Part I

Creating an instrument - Part II